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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One

Aurora password manager will store all your passwords in one easy to use place. Passwords like your credit card details, pin number, bank code and others can all be safely stored in the Aurora password manager. Aurora password manager uses a complex 256 bit coding system to ensure maximum password strength. For a person like myself with millions of arbitrary (yet important) numbers to remember, Aurora password manager is a dream come true.

Aurora Password Manager - Info

Precious information needs to be kept under lock and key. Aurora Password Manager is a handy piece of software for storing and editing diverse confidential data, such as your credit card number, your cellular phone pin-code, a code to a cipher lock, a website access code, your e-mail box password and the like. Our memory is not always perfect and we tend to forget some things, yet in any circumstances significant information should be always on hand. Aurora Password Manager is a sure way to stop feeling anxious about your private data.

The utility locks all stored information with a strong 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) password and ensures its safety. In case you cannot make up a password, which is difficult to guess, the program can do it for you. Aurora has a built-in advanced password generator, which randomly chooses a case-sensitive combination of characters. This electronic safe provides instant access to data stored, only if the correct password is entered.

All information that you trust Aurora to keep is saved as special database files, which can be easily edited, moved or renamed. The software tool uses automatic backup feature that guarantees that your data won't be lost even if a power cut occurs. It provides a variety of predefined templates for commonly used records such as Web site and Email accounts, so you can get started adding data right after you've installed it. What's more, it supports multi-user work. The program is virtually an SQL database, featuring simultaneous work of several users.

When Aurora is running in a clever password-protected lock mode it prevents unauthorized access to your data and application when you're away. In addition to this, the utility has a well-rounded multi-user interface, where you can pick on from several styles available. And another important piece of news to remember: Aurora Password Manager is 100% Free!


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