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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Pepsi Volume Controller changes the skin of your volume control to mimic a large Pepsi can. Pepsi Volume Controller looks very smart compared to the standard volume control look that I’m used to. Best part: when you right-click on the taskbar icon and select, "Test Sound" the test sound is the happy sound of an even happier guy, drinking a cold Pepsi.Hopefully there will be a Pepsi Volume Controller with skins next time, perhaps a Sprite can or a fanta grape?

Pepsi Volume Controller - Info

PVC has all the features of the traditional Windows Volume Control plus following features.
*PVC is Graphical.
*Volume level is displayed in numbers : (Min=0 Max=100)
*A Real Pepsi Pouring Wave file for Sound Testing.
*Window on Top : Unlike windows Volume control you can keep PVC Volume Controller window on top of all windows.
*Visibility : When you click out side of windows Volume control it disappears. But PVC\'s Volume Controller remain active until you close it.
*Animated controller window with Skins


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