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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One

I love Advanced file security! Rarely to I come across such a handy freeware application. Advanced file security allows you to place passwords on files or folders. Even zip files. Advanced file security allows you to choose passwords that can be very long indeed, so there is very little chance of say, a hacker gaining entrance to your top-secret files. Put this on your memory stick and you can even create a password for basic access. Download Advanced file security and save yourself against security stress.

Advanced File Security - Info

Advanced File Security (AFS) is small, simple and fast program for encrypting files/folders with password. Ideal for preventing unauthorized access on your data. Very high security is guaranteed due to 256 Bit AES algorithm (Rijndael). At the moment this is a beta version only, due to some missing features they are planned for final release. Ideal for use on USB-Sticks, due to possibility to save encryption lists and no installation is necessary. Free software, no ads or commercials!


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