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Reviewed by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

KidLogger scared me. I didn't know what to expect really. The installation was a breeze. Even the interface was very simple, with only two options; to enable/disable KidLogger or to exit the program itself. I ran KidLogger for 30 minutes and then disabled it after seeing no noticeable recording activity. I delved into the program once more (it can be sneakily installed onto the pc, so the kids can't disable it) and opened the "Dr Norris" Log file it had created. And lo and behold, all key-strokes had been recorded. My private thoughts, every click. Scary. There is no doubt in my mind; KidLogger is one of the best freeware tools around, for making sure that your kids are not accessing the nastier sections of the internet. Works with cheating spouse detection as well.

KidLogger - Info

Designed for home and family users to keep watch on kids (2-7 years) activity on the computer. It can log all websites visited, chat rooms talks, started programs, opened documents, viewed pictures and movies. It is also a simple and FREE and open source key logger and activity monitoring program for family needs.

Features list:
-Keyboard logging and keystrokes recording.
- Chat recording and monitoring. It can capture all instant messengersÂ’ chats, online chats and forums typed by the kid or Guest on the keyboard.
- Email recording. It will log every e-mail created on your computer. Even web-based emails such Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
- Launch automatically at windows startup. Kidlogger invisibly starts on Windows startup. You don\\\'t need to launch monitoring features manually. All configurations is simple for your best convenience. .
- Support monitoring multiple users. The keylogger will start monitoring only on selected user account. To select the user you should log into his/her user account and run it. The log entry for the user can be opened from Control Panel. .
- Application monitoring and windows capture. KidLogger record all applications ran and the text typed in these applications. You will know the exact time, date and window caption of the programs launched on your computer. Also every 15 minutes Kidlogger captures all display contents into a BMP file. So you see what was really on the monitor at the moment.


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