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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Vladstudio Companion is so handy! I'm always on the lookout for funky looking wallpapers. With Vladstudio Companion, all you need to do is set your wallpaper changing intervals and this amazing piece of freeware will download said wallpapers automatically and place them on your desktop. How handy is that? Vladstudio Companion's images come in low-resolution. But a free registration provides you access to the High-resolution backgrounds, thankfully.

Vladstudio Companion - Info

Vladstudio Companion is a freeware program with the following exciting features:

(1) Wallpaper changing. At defined intervals, it changes your desktop background with Vladstudio wallpapers downloaded in random order. Or, just double-click the tray icon to get new random wallpaper anytime!

(2) New wallpapers notification. When a new wallpaper is released, a small popup window will open with wallpaper preview and links to download and set to desktop, or view online. Vladstudio Companion will add an icon to the taskbar tray, next to the clock. Simply right-click Companion icon and select an action! You will not even need to care about what your screen resolution is. Companion will detect it and will download the file that fits best. For registered Vladstudio users Companion will download high-quality images automatically! (You'll need to enter email and keycode during installation).


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