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APONDOS Insight (Freeware) - is a communications platform for closed user groups. Whenever an Internet presentation is planned for one or more closed user groups, then Insight is the optimal solution. If you are looking for a system that is simple to operate, in which you can register your visitors and maintain a closed and flexible user area, then you should use APONDOS Insight. Freeware APONDOS Insight offers you the rights tool, regardless of whether you are recruiting new customers or are offering existing customers a communications platform, including content that is controlled by you. And all this without any programming! Especially in the B2B sector, a professional online platform is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers, for instance, communicate with their distribution partners, providing up-to-date information that is only supposed to be available to their customers or dealers. Also clubs, associations and public institutes are using Insight, for administering and informing their members, or for recruiting new members. Database-Supported Online Applications APONDOS LTD. - more details: www.apondos.net


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