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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

Bootskin changes the boot screen on your windows pc. Bootskin comes with multiple boot screens already installed, but you have the option of fully customizing your own boot screen as well. Bootskin is as simple to use as file explorer, you see what you like, double click and next time you boot-up; your selected boot screen will load. One issue: the boot screens themselves are very low resolution (VGA only) , so if you have a dream of loading a high-res and super fancy loading screen then think again. High-res images will become very grainy if used.

BootSkin - Info

Safely and easily change your Windows boot screen with BootSkin. It allows you to replace your Windows boot up screen with ones you can download from websites such as or create yourself. BootSkin doesn't patch the Windows XP kernel. Nor does it require the user to download replacement Windows XP kernels to do so.


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