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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

I pray to the elder lord of Shoggoth that I never have to use Hard Angel (not a porno DVD). Hard Angel is an error-detection tool that will give warning when your actual hard drive is about to fail. These are warnings I pray I will never see, but every computer user in their lifetime will experience this intense hardship. Luckily, Hard Angel also detects errors long before they give critical issues, helping you to back-up your precious data before any eventual loss. You cannot live without Hard Angel.

Hard Angel - Info

* Provides the hardware protection of your drive for the prohibition of unauthorized access;
* Allows to lock attacks of viruses which use this mechanism for destruction of the information;
* Allows to warn the user about the risk of a data loss if drive starts to fail;
* Provides reliable storage of the passwords and possibility of their restoring;
* Allows to bypass limitations of the BIOS of capacity of your drive;
* Works under any OS.


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