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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Everyone knows Quake. Quake 1 was the first pc game to popularize LAN’s and online multiplayer. Pocket Quake is an exact clone of PC Quake (I think it is PC Quake, shrunk down onto the Palm). Pocket Quake is still incredibly fun to play. The controls are super intuitive and spot on replications of the standard WASD PC setup. Sound effects, Graphics, the multiple levels, they are all here. It would be a crime to not download this free (yes, its free) shooter. Pocket Quake still rocks.

Pocket Quake - Info

Pocket Quake is a remake of the Original Quake for the Pocket Pc. The idea of the game is still exactly the same, run around shooting everything while collecting keys and switches.

The guns include:
-Rocket Launcher
-Grenade Launcher


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