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Free WebToGo 2.2 Mobile Services Download


Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Webtogo contained many features I already have on my Palm device. I already have a dialer, Opera for a web browser an Email Client and the functionality to send SMS. And my Palm is now a year old. Webtogo is almost brand new. Of course, for users of the older Palm devices which do not include wireless internet (shock yes I know but they do exist) Webtogo would be a benefit of note. But the Palm user base is a group of fervent upgraders, so I doubt they will find any use for Webtogo.

WebToGo 2.2 Mobile Services - Info

WebToGo is a very usefull piece of software for your Palm. It includes a dial-up service, an HTML browser, an e-mail client and an SMS interface.

Its Image compression technology accounts for the immediate retrieval of normal Web content, even at GSM data transmission rates.


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