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Have you been waiting forever for your internet/network connection? Is your browser slower than usual? Then perhaps it is time to download Internet Cell Boost. Internet Cell Boost will turbo-charge your internet connection by applying a whole host of internal trickery to your operating system. Internet Cell Boost really works and it almost doubled the speed of my already fast connection.

Internet Cell Boost - Info

It doesn’t matter if your internet connection is already fast or way too slow, our product, Internet Cell Boost Lite will help you to maximize its overall connection speed. Internet Cell Boost Lite uses several unique techniques to make sure you spend less time waiting and more time browsing on the internet.

But How Is This Possible Without Physically Upgrading My Connection From The ISP?

There is no magic at all in how this is performed; Internet Cell Boost Lite works by optimizing several hidden tweaks in your Operating System such as TCP RFC1323 Optimization, Secure TCP/IP and Maximum Transfer Units in order to help boost your Internet Connection's speed to its limits giving you the best speed possible your system can achieve using your current connection subscription from your ISP.

And All This Is For Free?

Yes, completely and forever. You will never have to pay anything in order to use Internet Cell Boost Lite, and the software DOES NOT come with any bundled third-party applications such as Spyware, Adware or Viruses (which in-fact slow your internet connection instead of optimizing it). As you can see many of the products on our website are Freeware and we do our best to release free products for everyone.

You also have the option to purchase the Extended Edition of the software called Highspeed Surfer. Highspeed Surfer is the same as Internet Cell Boost Lite however it also contains several other advanced optimization features such as Firefox Pipelining, High Performance Data Transfers, Time To Live, Maximum Server Connections and Optimized Duplicate Acknowledgments that will further on boost your internet connection to its limits. If you do not opt to purchase the Extended Edition, Internet Cell Boost Lite will not stop to function in anyway.


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