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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

NoteTab is one of the top HTML and text editing applications available, and is the perfect replacement for the decidedly average MS notepad. While Microsoft’s offering is still one of the more popular HTML and text editors by virtue of the fact that it comes bundled with the Windows installation, and while it isn’t a poor utility, an increasing number of users are switching to the impressive NoteTab Lite, and, after playing around with it for a while, it’s not hard to see why. While the free version is not as feature packed as the pay version, it can still be very useful and allows you to open multiple windows, capitalize HTML tags and features a clean, well designed, fully customizable user interface as well as some comprehensive search and replace tools. On the downside, the default extension for saving files in NoteTab Lite is .txt, and while this may cause some minor annoyance, file extensions can always be altered later on so it isn’t really a huge problem. All in all, Notetab Lite is a very powerful HTML and text editor, and a solid replacement for Microsoft notepad.

NoteTab Light - Info

NoteTab Light is a free Notepad replacement and HTML editor. Move quickly around large files with a tabbed interface, and format your text. Write with the font of your choice, fixed-width or proportional. If you need to cut and paste chunks from a pile of files, you can set up a Paste Board file to save text clips automatically. Strip HTML tags from your files. Call up complete document statistics instantly. Use systemwide search and replace tools. Speed up your work with text macros; you can use them as shortcuts, or even to auto-replace recurring typos. Sample macro libraries are supplied, and you can easily build your own.


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