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Download ZapitSMS For Lotus Notes and you will have an effective means of communicating with your staff via the office internet/network. ZapitSMS For Lotus Notes is an SMS system and it sends messages to one, two or even an unlimited number of friends or staff members. ZapitSMS For Lotus Notes intergrates into the Lotus system without any fuss, so you can receive replies as you are working.

ZapitSMS For Lotus Notes - Info

With ZapitSMS for Lotus Notes it has never been easier to send SMS from your computer. Combining extensive features with a small and easy to use interface ZapitSMS will help you communicate with staff, clients and friends while they are out and about.

2-Way messaging - Send SMS messages to one or more people and receive replies directly into your mobile phone or ZapitSMS inbox. Your SMS replies can be viewed in your inbox, in the ZapitSMS administration website, and you can also receive them as an email if you choose.

Long messages - You don't have to restrict your messages to only 160 characters. With ZapitSMS you can send long SMS messages up to 765 characters.

Lotus Notes integration - ZapitSMS integrates with your Lotus Notes address book and can be added directly to your mail database. You don't have to type in everyone's mobile number again, just access it directly from your existing Lotus Notes address book.

Corporate accounts - The ZapitSMS online Web Administrator provides an easy interface to manage your account, adding new users, comprehensive reporting and access to sending SMS from any PC without the need to have the desktop software installed.


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