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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

Banana Cash Book is a solid little freeware accounting application that comes with all the standard functions required for basic booking keeping. The layout is very similar to that of MS Excel, and has a comfortable, familiar feel without being overly simplistic. While Banana Cash Books allows for basic budget planning, income/expenditure analysis, VAT calculation and currency conversion, it is a little too feature-light to be seriously considered by anyone other than individuals with very basic bookkeeping needs. The software’s limited application leaves it trailing in the wake of some of the more comprehensive accounting packages available, especially those that come with a price tag attached, but this doesn’t detract from the features that Banana Cash Book does offer. The application itself boasts excellent performance and is a great introduction to basic accounting procedures. As long as users expect a simple bookkeeping tool rather than a powerful, versatile accounting package, then Banana Cash Book won’t disappoint.

Banana Cash Book - Info

# Fast input of transactions
# Automatic pick-up of repetitive transactions
# Prompt printing of everything you see on screen
# Free definition of the schedule of accounts (expense categories)
# Includes various models and examples
# Income/expense totals by period
# Totals and sub-totals by groups of expenses
# Budget
# Cost centers
# VAT calculation on sales and purchases with a summary by month, quarter, half-year or year
# All the data for one accounting (cash book) saved to one file
# Unlimited number of accountings
# Carry-over to a new year
# Multi-currency and multi-lingual
# Reports in a second currency, too
# Functions similar to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) applications
# Copy and paste with Excel
# Export / convert to HTML
# Password

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