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qNumerologist is your 100% free handy numerology advisor and companion. The software instantly generates a numerology forecast report. All you need is to enter your name and date of birth and then press a button. The report is immediately displayed on the screen. The report includes personality description based on the name. The software calculates name number, birth number, fate number and astrological number. It provides the merits or good qualities of the person, demerits or drawbacks in the personality which should be guarded against. The program suggests lucky items like lucky days, months, gemstones, colors based on birth, name and fate numbers. It gives appropriate advice in the name analysis for success and harmony in the world. The numerological terms used in the software are also explained for better understanding of the results. It is recommended to all those who want an instant, brief and precise numerology report without the intricacies of a lengthy numerology report. It is equally useful for numerologists, hobbyist and just about anybody interested in numerology. It is absolutely free and has no expiry.


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