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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

A-toolbar is yet another desk toolbar addon which comes with 50 different actions installed. Here are a few of them listed: Metasearch, Dictionary, Clipboard history, Personal Information Manager, Agenda with world clock and Reminder. There are countless other functions but I did not even get to look at half of them. Needles to say, A-toolbar seems like it comes with spyware, but luckily it does not. I cant really recommend this application. There are too many just like it doing a much better job already.

A-Toolbar - Info

Web catalog
Latest news
Feed (RSS) reader
Spam remover
Links manager
Applications manager
Language translator
Clipboard history
Personal Information Manager
Agenda with world clock
Currency converter
Quotes (stock symbols)
Password keeper
Password revealer
Weather forecast
Memory defragmenter
System information
Popup killer
Fill form
Love calculator
Dating calculator

No spyware!


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