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Use KPKFile Pro to ensure that your security needs are met. KPKFile Pro has a whole host of cool encryption tools, such as Password Memo, Wiping Function, Private Folder and more. KPKFile Pro is a worthy download, as it runs the gamut of security features without weighing down the system with complicated applications. Password protect files, encrypt data and wipe files permanently off the hard drive forever, only with KPKFile Pro.

KPKFile Pro - Info

KPKFile Pro is a free complete suite of encryption tools that allows you to manage your privacy without worry. PASSWORD MEMO is a useful encrypted database of passwords letting you running your passwords in and out of KPKFile interface. FILE ENCRYPTION TOOL packs files in binary code that can be inoculated inside another still working above suspicion file. Moreover, KPKFile Pro performs steganographic encryption blurring data inside graphic files. These options are useful if you want the maximum of privacy and if you wish to hide that you are hiding something (in fact, note that the use itself of encrypted files can be unsafe). WIPING FUNCTION allows erasing selected files from disk drive preceding file deletion by multiple data changing to make useless file undeletion. PRIVATE FOLDER manages a secret directory in which you can store a tree of file folders. Private Folder is a regular directory, which can be managed out of KPKFile interface too. Distinct Private Folders can be created by different passwords; hence many users are allowed to have their own Private Folder on same computer. Besides, Private Folder encrypted files can be moved to a server protecting data against local HD failure. So, the same Private Folder can be shared by different workstations in LAN too. Each folder data are automatically saved into selected directory (default: WINDOWS or WINNT). Recent data are stored in (xxxx).dat file. The (xxxx).ol’x’ archives retain last sessions. KPKFile includes blowfish-twofish algorithms, encryption algorithms provided by VB.NET environment, and an encryption algorithm proprietary to the author. Moreover, KPKFile Pro comes with a tool allowing you to encode credit card data in a simple and safe way too. Eventually, the program can perform automatic clearing of Internet Explorer History (IE typed urls), recent documents menu (recent docs list), and items in the run command history (run MRU list).


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