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Use Anubis for all of your file sharing needs. Anubis is a new kid on the block, but it works with all Torrent files and will download any file with your current internet/network connection. Anubis is clean, and has many statistics for the user who needs control in their lives. It has this cool area where all activity can be easily monitored, as well as saved for later use. For an all-in-one solution, it is hard to beat Anubis, so grab it today and see if it will download your files with greater efficiency.

Anubis - Info

Anubis P2P (peer-to-peer) is a new file sharing program that includes all the recent p2p optimizations, helping users to search and download over some several networks around the internet. All in one features like file manager, download statistics, chat and IP filters make this p2p a complete tool for all kind of users. You can monitor all your activity in statistics area viewing download/upload reports gathered by Anubis.


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