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Morpheus MP3 - Info

Morpheus MP3 a freeware file-sharing client that allows users to find and download a wide selection of mp3s,
music, movies, software titles, games, docs and images files from the Gnutella/G2 networks. Morpheus MP3 is
created with the mind set that first time users should be able to open the program and get files instantly. Advanced
features are still fully accessible to the user, but they will only be found and understood by advanced users. Over
time as users become experienced will appreciate the kind of power that they have over the program. Morpheus
MP3 implements a number of features including Ultrapeers (aggregate child nodes to prevent low capacity nodes
from creating network bottlenecks), multisource swarming downloads, partial-file sharing, proxy server support, as well as support for the Gnutella2 network. Constantly evolving, easy enough for the first time user and advanced enough to satisfy the experts Morpheus MP3 is one of the world's best P2P file-sharing application.


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