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Enhance your internet and network tools by downloading the Apnavoip Voipswitch, the complete VOIP solution. Apnavoip Voipswitch supports many of the features of the most popular VOIP application (Skype naturally) with slightly cheaper international call rates, but with a large degradation in sound quality. Apnavoip Voipswitch could be a cheaper alternative to an actual telephony system, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is such a blatantly bug ridden application. Save your money and invest in a VOIP hardware solution instead, it will save you more on the long run.

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Want to setup VoIP company, a business under your own brand name? We have complete solution to launche VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) company. All support comes included.
Features: PC2Phone, Device2Phone, Calling Card, Callback,sms callback solution, Ani Callback solution, DID callback solution, Cli Callback, Pin Callback, Wholesale Termination, Online Billing, Unlimited Resellers Creating, online shop, invoice generator, paypal integrated online shop, pin recharge modules, H323 and SIP.
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