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Ensure that your remote network is in line with your internet/network by downloading LAN on Internet, an innovative new peer-to-peer software application. With LAN on Internet, one can connect pc to pc for gaming or connect desktop to laptop for remote access. If you have tried to connect pc’s together with a network cable, you will know how difficult it is to configure the ip address and DNS settings. With LAN on Internet, that is all a thing of the past. Truly an innovative and necessary tool.

LAN on Internet - Info

LAN On Internet is a Peer-to-Peer connectivity software which makes your existing LAN applications including RDP, NetMeeting, Gaming applications etc to work over internet.Now you can make direct Remote Desktop connection to your office PC from home computer with the invitation created from the office computer.Likewise, joined users can host/join multiplayer games.
Its main features include:
No Port Forwarding required as it uses Microsoft Windows Peer to Peer Infrastruture.
Play all your favourite LAN games over internet.
Connect upto 65,535 users to the inviter session.
Host/Join Microsoft Netmeeting over internet.
Remotely access your office/home computer using RDP,VNC etc.
Only Users with the invitation file & password can join the session.
Only specified ports for the session is accessible to the joined users.
No monthly subscription charges/download limit.


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