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Remote access tool for your internet or network environment are some of the best tools you may ever use. With ErrMess Remote Computer however, what we have here is a pranking application, one that lets you mess with the remote users from afar. Swap the mouse button, draw on the screen, flip the screen, pretend that their pc has crashed, change the keyboard layout, show a fake antivirus screen, control the mouse and much more with ErrMess Remote Computer. Download ErrMess Remote Computer and be the devilish office prankster you always knew you were.

ErrMess Remote Computer - Info

ErrMess Remote Computer is a free computer pranks and remote access program. This application enables you to prank your number one victim, not only on april fool's day - but also any other day !!

This is just a few of the features available in the software :

* View webcam
* Remote Shell (Telnet)
* Open / close CD-ROM tray
* Send fake error messages
* Send fake balloon messages
* Make the computer beep
* Flip the screen
* Hide the taskbar, clock, start button, and other things
* Make the startbutton non responsive
* Swap the mouse button (left, right)
* Clip the cursor (allow it to move only in a small section of the screen)
* Make the screen flash
* Open websites
* Draw on the screen
* Download / Upload multiple files at once
* Keylogger
* Fake spyware advertisements
* Download a snapshot of the computers desktop
* Bounce the mouse cursor
* Fake add / remover prank
* Fake Windows Vista upgrade prank.
* Fake bluescreen
* Monitor visited url's in firefox and or internet explorer
* Disable / Enable SP2 Firewall
* Choose between a number of sounds to be played discretly in the background
* Randomize the keyboard layout
* Change screen resolution
* Show a fake format screen
* Show fake antivirus detection alerts
* Print text out of the printer
* Remote control the mouse
* Remote control Winamp

This is just a few of the features available in the software.


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