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Become a star, or a predictor of stars with the Head Numerologist desktop application, now available for download. Astrology, Biorhythms and Mystic forces will no longer be a mystery with this exciting application. The plain, DOS interface hides a wealth of information and predicts events based on the numerology forecast for each unique individual. All aspects of your life will be predicted with Head Numerologist such as your love life, professional life and health prospects. Take Head Numerologist with a pinch of salt though, as the predictions are usually generalised for a mass audience.

Head Numerologist - Info

Head Numerologist is a standard Numerology software based on Chaldean and Pythagorean number theories. Its Predictions module generates numerology forecast report for a person that gives information on many interesting things viz. name number, birth number, astrological number and sun sign, compound number, place number, lucky days, dates, colors and gemstones, name and place compatibility ( Chaldean / Pythagorean ) with birth number. The report predicts and reveals your nature and personality, your merits, your demerits, important years of your life, your health prospects, your love and sex life, your profession and career. It gives numerological advice, occult advice. It makes your numerical horoscope and provides remedial measures based on your birth number, name number, fate number and astrological number.

Marriage compatibility and Queries are other important modules. Queries gives daily / monthly / yearly predictions. Match Maker foretells the suitability of a marriage based on numerology and astrology.

The software also includes a short introduction to numerology.


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