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Games » Action | 1 2 3 4 5 | 26 Feb 2010 | Freeware | Created by Novel Games Limited

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Here is a cool action game, dating back to the 70’s! Asteroids is a simple game, with a deceptively addictive concept: blast the asteroids into smaller pieces, while avoiding the larger ones yourself. Your ship can fire in all directions, which is wholly necessary due to the fact that the asteroids are coming from every corner of the screen! The graphics are functionary, and the sound is merely a collection of ‘bleebs’ and ‘bloobs’. Yet, do not let that stop you from playing the most addictive game ever made. Download today and see if you can beat your own high score.

Asteroids - Info

Break the asteroids into small pieces until you destroy them. Beware of the UFO's also!


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