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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

The incredibly popular Mozilla Firefox browser has now been given a boost with PRGoogleBar. This utility now adds the very handy Google tool bar to the Firefox browser, providing an array of extra features. PRGoogleBar is entirely customizable and the all new smart search and page rank options make it a pleasure to use. Having the search function conveniently placed on your browser is very convenient, and now that the tool has been extended to Firefox, more and more users will be able to reap the benefits. As one would expect form a Google application, PRGoogleBar is lightning fast and dead simple to use. There simply can't be any complaints: If you use Firefox then do yourself a favour and get PRGoogleBar now.

Note: PRGoogleBar has been discontinued - the official Google Toolbar for Firefox has been released, the mirror will take you to Googles download page.


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