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Games » RPG | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 | 26 Feb 2010 | Freeware | Created by Ville Monkkonen

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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Notrium is an excellent freeware game, certainly good for a few hours of quality entertainment. The player controls a Captain whose spaceship has crashed on a distant planet, with one goal in mind: survival. The player must gather equipment scattered around the planet, all the while keeping the captain alive by monitoring his health, food and temperature levels. Gathered items are combined to create tools essential for survival in a rather tricky puzzle involving the correct alignment of several dials. Notrium features excellent sound, enhancing the outer-space theme. Graphics are decent, nothing cutting-edge, but not bad for a freeware game. The game play in Notrium is rather challenging and the steep learning curve may put some players off, but if those prepared to spend some time with it, will discover a varied, rewarding play system. Anyone looking for a puzzle orientated space adventure game will do well to give Notrium a chance.

Notrium - Info

There are no more bullets for your pistol, your only weapon a handful of rocks. The night is coming, and you are desperately looking for wood to make a fire. Notrium is a game of survival.

Survival, Exploration and Action:

Fungus - An integral part of the game is finding enough food and supplies to survive through the cold, dark nights.

Goggles - Exploring the alien ruins and bases you can find various items, which can be combined to make weapons and equipment.


Most of Notrium's inhabitants are not happy to see you. You can try getting past your enemies quietly, but often you will need either fast legs or a sharp aim.

Player Characters:

Human: The Human is weak, relying on weapons and items for survival.
Android: The Android is very strong, but can only heal himself with repair units.
Alien: The Alien gains fearsome hunting skills through evolving.
Psionic: The Psionic has unique mental powers, but cannot carry anything.


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