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Free Spyware Software Downloads

Spyware protection is the most crucial software any avid internet user can have on their computer. Spyware is the evolution of the virus. These are small applications which are downloaded alongside with emails and normal downloads the user manually begins. If you start to notice that your pc is running very slowly and there is an abundance of pop-ups as soon as you begin using the internet, your pc may be infected with Spyware. Use of these applications will clean your pc and bring it back to normal working order.

Free Antivirus Software Downloads

Antivirus tools protect your computer from attacks which would normally cripple your operating system or damage your files. Viruses have been around since the dawn of computers and as long as there are malicious hackers in the world, they will continue to exist. It is recommended that you only install one good Antivirus application to keep your computer running smoothly, as too many would actually slow it down. Top recommended antivirus tools include, AVG, Nod32 and Norton.

Free Firewalls Software Downloads

For sufficient protection against hackers, a firewall is a must. Here are applications which act covertly on your computer, protecting your information and network from users who would otherwise wish to sabotage your office or home network. The latest version of Windows comes with its own built in firewall software, but the ones in this section also come highly recommended. Installing a highly capable firewall is the best way to keep your network safe from outside interference.

Free Misc Software Downloads

Other protection applications that do not fall into the usual category of Antivirus, Spyware protection or firewall software are contained in this section. Add-ons, plug-ins, mobile antivirus scanners and more make up the software in this section. If you are looking for those odds and ends that will round off a well protected computer, the odds are that you will find it located in here.