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Free FTP Software Downloads

FTP [or file transfer Protocol] are programs which are specifically used to transfer files from one pc to another, or from one server to another. FTP applications usually have a file explorer-like interface and are very basic in regards to interface, as it is the transfer that is important and not the looks. All FTP software must have internet access in order to work. Basically, for file transfer from one pc to another, FTP software is the best way to accomplish this.

Free Communication Software Downloads

When you need to talk, or chat instantly to your friends or family, Communication tools such as Mirc, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Pirch allow you to connect and share pictures, text, sounds, videos, in fact whatever you desire. Communication tools are intuitive to use, as they are the most common tools of the average pc user. Download one [or many] of these applications now and see how easy it is to stay in touch, instantly.

Free Remote Access Software Downloads

Remote Access applications allow one user or many to connect to a pc linked to the internet. From there, the users can control the pc remotely as if they were sitting right in front of it. Very handy for servers located far from the IT technician, as adjustments can be made without having to even leave his or her desktop. Remote access tools cannot update information in very quickly in real-time and can be quite laggy, but this is related to internet speed.

Free Browsers Software Downloads

Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari are some of the more popular internet browsers prevalent in the online market today. Without these simple [but well written pieces of software] are internet lives would be meaningless, difficult to manage and impossible to navigate. Having evolved from very basic text with some graphics, Browsers have evolved into all singing and dancing multimedia extravaganzas. These days, browsers have email, RSS, media players and more built into their basic functions. Surf the internet, but only with a Browser.

Free File Sharing Software Downloads

Software such as Kazaa, Napster and Bit-torrent are all examples of File sharing applications. Any pc connected to the internet has the ability to become a file sharing behemoth, capable of transferring files of any size and format to users making use of similar file sharing applications. Most file sharing applications have built in search functions for MP3's, Videos and pc games. It is of course, illegal to download pirated software of any shape or format.

Free Tools Software Downloads

This category of applications has many internet tools to assist you in your daily web surfing. Use a bandwidth monitor too monitor your internet usage, Block harmful and unwanted content with AllegroSurf and scan for free wifi networks in your neighbourhood with Netstumbler. The use of these Internet tools will speed up your surfing and block content that would otherwise slow your connection down to a crawl. Just makes sure you don't go overboard on the toolbar add-ons, or your Internet display may have more buttons then you know what to do with!

Free Email Software Downloads

Email [Electronic Mail] is the evolution of snail mail, or 'Letters'. Type, click and send. No postage necessary and the waiting period is instantaneous. Use Outlook or Pegasus mail to type your letters with rich font and add pictures to create a virtual scrapbook, capable of representing that perfect moment, right before sending it to your grandmother on the other side of the world. Email is the most basic form of the internet, and the most useful.

Free RSS Software Downloads

RSS or Remote sequence server software is a series of applications which stream text, such as news and information automatically to your software. Much like the news tickers of old, RSS can be configured to stream any type of information directly to your browser even. Podcast updates is a popular use for RSS, as you can be informed of the latest audio file without having to search for it. Whatever your particular taste of news, sports or entertainment gossip is, RSS has the answer.

Free VoIP Software Downloads

VoIP is Voice over IP. A hot topic a few years back, Voip is now part and parcel of every online-game and chat application. VoIP started its reign with Skype, the world’s most popular VoIP application. VoIP works like this: You speak to you contact using your headset and microphone, all for free. As weird as this sounds, VoIP uses the internet to translate your words into data and then back from data into sound for you recipient on the other side. Sound is crystal clear thanks to the prevalence of broadband internet. VoIP has helped to revolutionize the internet, and deservedly so.

Free Blog Software Downloads

Blogging tools are akin to simple web editing applications, with the emphasis being on text mainly. Blogging can be done inside the browser or by using external software. Bloggers is the name most commonly given to an avid user of this service. There are countless blogging applications and websites devoted to this precious art form, perhaps more than half the internet is made up of blogs. Blogging can be related to any topic, just let the thoughts flow and write. Blog and be free.

Free Download Managers Software Downloads

Tools to help you handle downloads. Increase the speed of your regular internet downloads, pause and resume your downloads and more with our download manager software.

Free Webcams Software Downloads

Webcam related freeware software downloads.

Free Dial Up | Connection Software Downloads

Dial up tools and connection tools