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Free Wallpaper Software Downloads

A fine collection of wallpapers, varying from high-res to Wide-screen display pictures are available in this section for download. There are various Wallpaper packages here as well, with themes such as Nature, Sci-fi, and Sports all in one accessible section. Don’t forget to check if your current resolution can support them, as badly adjusted wallpapers will look stretched and ugly on even the finest of monitors. Download some new pictures today and breathe new life into your computer.

Free Screensavers Software Downloads

Screensavers are applications that run automatically after a set period of inactive computer usage. It all began with the ‘stars’ screensaver in Windows 3.1 and has evolved into ribbons of light that bend across the screen. Screensavers can be made up of literally anything. Picture slideshows, movies, music playlists, flying toasters and more. Another great use for screensavers is that they can automatically activate while you are away from your computer and when you return, a password will have activated, if you so choose.

Free Themes Software Downloads

For a complete computer makeover, Themes are the ultimate facelift. Have you ever wanted your windows desktop to look more like Linux, Apple or even a wood paneled PC? With Themes, anything is possible. New sounds, graphics and animation are all applied to your current Windows display to give it dazzling new looks. There are countless themes available, almost too many to choose from. Theme’s gives your computer a brand new look that can’t be missed.

Free Misc Software Downloads

Miscellaneous desktop applications are stored in this category. Software developers have created countless millions of applications over the years that do not fall into any certain category. A plug in to predict the weather, A multiple monitor configuration utility, a tool to over-clock your graphics card, truly whatever application you need for your computer, or didn’t even know you need, can be downloaded from Miscellaneous.

Free Recreation Software Downloads

Recreational software downloads; personal software based on your favourite hobbies and home activities.

Free Clocks and Alarms Software Downloads

Enhanced desktop clocks and desktop alarm systems for download. Get a feature packed, graphically enhanced Clock for your desktop or use your computer as an alarm.

Free Astrology/Biorhythms/Mystic Software Downloads

Astrology, stars, biorythms, numerology and other applications.