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The Office tools in this section could possibly speed up the productivity of your business. Spell-checkers, printing tools, PDF readers and other add-ins to your office applications are all present for download. If your office applications do not have the relevant tools or add-ons that their more expensive versions have, then you will most likely find comparable applications in this directory. Make sure that the downloaded applications do not conflict with your current setup.

EnCalcOU 1.3

EnCalcOU calculates the cost of oil, allowing both the real cost based on tank readings and forward prediction based on the readings and elapsed time. The results can be saved to a log file. It also calculates the amount of CO2 generated. Size: 0.44MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

EnCalcOU Free Download

Encryption pack for Ms Office

Encryption pack for Ms Office is your all in one document encryption tool. Size: 400 KB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Encryption pack for Ms Office Free Download

Excel Converter 1.0 1.0 1.0

Excel Converter 1.0 features a silent spreadsheet to html converter. It detects changes made to the Excel file and restarts the process. Auto uploads via ftp, auto rotates slides of workbooks, and auto refreshing output web page. Size: 0.96MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Excel Converter 1.0 Free Download

FC-Win 3

FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for Fortran Calculus (tm). The Fortran Calculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum. Size: 3.1MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

FC-Win Free Download

Flashnote 3.2

Flashnote is a handy note-taking utility for your PC Size: 0.25 MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Flashnote Free Download

Flashpaste Lite 3.5

FlashPaste Lite is a very useful text copying application. Size: 0.34 MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Flashpaste Lite Free Download

Heat Transfer 3

Solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems. Source code + Output files are included. Calculus (level) Programming makes solving partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations simple. You state the equations. Size: 1.7MB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Heat Transfer Free Download

Keeper Lite

Program of inventory of computers, and the account of other technical equipment Size: 10926KB Path: Business | Office » Tools

Keeper Lite Free Download