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Sports games have always been the most popular genre of gaming since it was practically invented. Football, Hockey, basketball, tennis, driving, golf and management games are some of the more popular sports gaming genres which players all around the world take enjoyment in. If you can’t be a famous sports star, you can at least live your dream with these exciting arcade or realistic simulation titles. So browse through our categories and see what type of a Sports superstar you want to be.

Instant Soccer Game 1

Instant Soccer game is a free game where you can play some fast soccer. Choose your opponent and your favorite outfit color. You can play quick friendly game or if you think you are good enough you can enter a championship competition. Size: 1.5MB Path: Games » Sports

Instant Soccer Game Free Download

Lake Tyler 2

After months of hard work on the ranch you decided it is time for a break. You decided to go for tube´s rafting. Jump into the tube, hook yourself on speeding boat and start rolling. Move left and right, avoid obstacles. Size: 1.9MB Path: Games » Sports

Lake Tyler Free Download

Mini Golf Game 2

Mini Golf is a free game where you have a perfect chance to perfect your golf skills. Every new hole will bring you closer to some new challenges. There are numerous obstacles to overcome. Size: 1.7MB Path: Games » Sports

Mini Golf Game Free Download

Pipeline Surfer 2

Pipeline Surfing free sports games are hard to find. This one was made for real surfing enthusiasts. Surf down the wave to gain sped, jump high in the air and do some breathtaking stunts on that board of yours. Bonus points are waiting for you! Size: 1.7MB Path: Games » Sports

Pipeline Surfer Free Download

Play Pool 1.2

Play Pool is a free game for real pool freaks. Try your pool skills against the computer. You will see that it is not an easy opponent to beat. Calculate the angle and power the power behind that cue of yours if you want to make any points at all. Size: 1.6MB Path: Games » Sports

Play Pool Free Download

Play Tennis

Play tennis is a great free sports game for all tennis experts. Here you get true tennis experience just like in real life. Arcade free sports games do not get any better when tennis is in question! Size: 2.2MB Path: Games » Sports

Play Tennis Free Download

Presidential Boxing 1

Presidential Boxing is a great free downloadable game in which you get to fight against one of the 2004 presidential candidates. You can fight as Bush against Kelly or the other way around. Size: 1.8MB Path: Games » Sports

Presidential Boxing Free Download

Quick Shot Basketball

Get a ball and go out there to shoot some hoops. Sounds simple? Not if the entire hoop is moving left and right. Yes that is right. This is the craziest basketball ever. Size: 1.4MB Path: Games » Sports

Quick Shot Basketball Free Download