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Doom, Duke Nukem, Final Fight. These are all fine examples of Action games. An action game is any title where the thinking is put to one side and pure enjoyment is concentrated on. That doesn’t mean that they have to be completely brainless though. Some of the finest Action titles require deep thought as well as unadulterated action, such as God of War. Blow of some steam with these fine Action games.

Asteroids 1.5

Break the asteroids into small pieces until y Size: 325 Path: Games » Action

Asteroids Free Download

Basic Arkanoid 1.1.0

This nice remake of the classic arkanoid game Size: 324 Path: Games » Action

Basic Arkanoid Free Download

Batman 1

This is an arcade/action game. Size: 0.84 MB Path: Games » Action

Batman Free Download

Batman Returns 1

This is an arcade/action game. Size: 1.16 MB Path: Games » Action

Batman Returns Free Download

Big Battle Tanks 1.0

The tanks war is going on now! You steer one tank. Use right and left arrow keys to move, up and down arrow keys are for the turret angle. Page up and Page down are for turret power. Press spacebar to fire. Select weapons with Q and E. Size: 1.98MB Path: Games » Action

Big Battle Tanks Free Download

Bomb John 3.1

Be a superman, the only one to save the world Size: 3.67 MB Path: Games » Action

Bomb John Free Download

Catch a Fish 1

Try your hand at fishing Size: 2.33 MB Path: Games » Action

Catch a Fish Free Download