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Batman Returns is an excellent action game, being that it is an exact clone of the ancient Super Nintendo game, released in 1994. Batman Returns is a side-scrolling fighter, meaning that you wade through 100’s of foes, jumping and kicking occasionally and at the end of each stage, there is a super-tough boss to destroy. Batman Returns is hard. It is tough-as-nails hard even after years of playing other titles. The controls are excellent, with plenty of special moves available to keep you safe throughout each level. Large colourful graphics and punchy [literally] sound effects will also suck you into the world of the Dark Knight, making this is a great game to download and enjoy.

Batman Returns - Info

The Penguin and Cat woman are teaming up to wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's up to you, as Batman, to stop them. Lead the caped crusader through seven challenging stages, fighting dozens of goons and hoods on your way to capturing the ringleaders. Use your Batarang and Batdiscs for ranged attacks, or get in closer for some hand-to-hand combat with the most ruthless enemies the Dark Knight has ever seen. Just make sure you've got enough energy to take on Cat woman and the Penguin, because they're both tougher than they look. All of Batman's skills, powers, and intelligence will be put to the test in Batman Returns. Fire up the Batmobile and be on the lookout for the Bat Signal as you do whatever it takes to keep Gotham City safe.


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