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This is a funny little card game which I recommend that anyone should download and try out. Turtle Solitaire is a bright and sunny version of the normally dull and lifeless game of Solitaire. Use your wits as you match the card to suite and number in order to win the game. Turtle Solitaire has fun sounds and some cut graphics to keep you amused you puzzle over which card should go where. Even for someone such as I who does not enjoy solitaire, Turtle Solitaire kept me hooked.

Turtle Solitaire - Info

Play solitaire with a small funny turtle and take a rest from routine in the world of bright colors and positive emotions. Let your movements be as slow as the movements of a turtle, but they will be correct and well thought-out. Even those who never played a solitaire game before will be captured by the wave of excellent spirits. This game is the best way to have a good time and excite your imagination!


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