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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris

There are countless editing applications on the internet. 20/20 offers quite a lot for software that is both free and tiny to download. 20/20 can manipulate the image size, crop, apply a snazzy filter effect and do much more. My favourite is the easy way it converts from one file type to another without losing any quality in the picture. Hell, you can even make your own slide-show screensaver if you wish to. Playing around with 20/20 will reveal many cool tricks, so download today and try this one for yourself.

20/20 - Info

Viewing Features

* Modified Multiple Document Interface (MDI) to view multiple images simultaneously
* Read GIF, JPEG, BMP, DIB, WMF, PCX, PNG, PCD, TGA, TIF, BIF, CMS, and ICO file types
* Convert between resolutions (8,16,24, and 32 bit)
* Image preview on open and save dialog with controls for multi-page image formats
* Email images directly from 20/20
* Upload images to FTP sites directly from 20/20
* Create muted-backgrounds for web pages and stationery
* Tool palette
* Batch Conversion
* BIF (byLight Image Format) File format for saving annotations with images
* Tile Preview
* Multi-page controls for working with .tif, .dcx, and .bif
* Slide Show with effects and titling
* Image resize with stretch, crop, biLinear, and biCubic filtering
* Zoom with mouse. Point, selected area, or magnify
* Split view, horizontal or vertical
* Rotate, flip, or mirror
* 4 levels of undo

Filters and Effects

* Canvas, Bleed, Blur,Emboss, Engrave, Extrude, Jiggle, Image Mirror, Motion Blur, Mosaic, Noisify, Oil Paint, Pinch Hole, Polar, Page Curl, Sketch, Spray, Super Nova,Whirlpool, Wave, Warp, Wind
* Auto Contrast, Brighten, Color Palette, Darken, Despeckle, Enhance, Gamma, Halftone, Hue and Saturation, Sharpen, Soften, Threshold
* Borders, Border Fade, Edge Detection, Gray Area, Invert, Tile


* All annotations may be moved and/or resized before being applied to the image
* Rectangle, Hilite, Line, Arrow, Circles, Ellipses, Bezier Curves, Freehand Draw, Image Overlay, Polyline, Polygon, Notes, Rich Text
* User defined text shapes, outline, solid color, or gradient fill
* Annotation property editor.
* Crop and copy rectangles, rounded rectangles, polygons, ellipses, and/or freehand selected areas. Paste selections using opacity and feather controls.

And even more features.


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