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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

WinFax Merger is one of those simple freeware applications that won’t blow you away, but offers sound performance and reliability in doing a basic, yet highly necessary task. The utility allows you to combine all of your WinFax files into one, multiple-page document, allowing for easy storage, access and management. WinFax Merger is incredibly versatile in that you can choose to operate it using the graphical interface or command line, depending on your preference and level of expertise, ensuring most users find a comfortable, convenient way to work with the application. Unfortunately, it remains rather limited and will only appeal to WinFax users interested in combining several files into one multi-page document, and it would have been nice to see some exporting and further file conversion options included. WinFax Merger remains a simple utility with solid, if somewhat limited, performance.

WinFax Merger - Info

WinFax Merger is a FREE WinFax multiple-page fax files merger,enable you to merge your separate multiple-page WinFax fxd fxr fxs fax files into single multiple-page fxm fax files in batches automatically.
For example: you have 3-page winfax fax named aaa001.fxr, aaa002.fxr, aaa003.fxr, you can merge them into one aaafax.fxm file that includes all 3 fax pages, with WinFax Merger.
WinFax Merger is usefull for WinFax users. When you convert your winfax to tiff (or pdf) files by format conversion tools, you may find that your multiple-page fax are in separate multiple tiff (or pdf) files, not all pages in one tiff (or pdf) file.
If you don't want your converted multiple-page files in separate multiple files, you can do it easily: first merge your WinFax fax files with WinFax Merger, then convert your merged fax files with your format conversion tools.
Both GUI and command line mode are supported.
Option to keep original file date.


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