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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Anyone familiar with the classic arcade games of the 90's will feel right at home playing Airstrike. The player pilots an airplane over a city, and needs to drop bombs onto the buildings to prevent crashing into them. The beauty of Airstrike lies in its simplicity. Hit any key on the keyboard to drop a bomb and time it correctly to destroy a building. That's the sum total of Airstrike's game play. Simple, but buckets of fun. The graphics are pretty and sound is what you'd expect from such a small game, adequate. An arcade classic perfectly redone, Airstrike is a great way to while away some spare time.

Airstrike - Info

You are a pilot of the plane, your goal is to destroy the city, erase it from the surface of Earth. Game control is not easy, but very easy! The bomb hatch is always open, simply press ANY key and the bombs will start to fall. Beware of the high buildings - the parachutes you have are not many.

For the lasybones we have a cheat-system, e. g. infinite parachutes, no going-down for the plane, etc.
So, just run our game and see it for yourself. Have a nice bombing!


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