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Machine drum is a utility that allows you to simulate the sound of a real drum. It doesn't require a download, and simply opens in its own window in your internet browser for instant use. The premise behind Machine drum is simple enough; users select which drums to use in order to create a beat. The beat can then be played back at a user defined tempo. Machine drum offers some mild entertainment, but anybody looking for a serious drum simulator will be disappointed. The settings are very limited, most annoying being that the tempo setting is fixed for the entire beat and individual drum sounds cannot be customized further. The utilities biggest downfall is the sound quality. One would expect a drum simulator to offer decent sound quality, but alas, the sounds in Machine drum are hollow and metallic and sound nothing like a real drum. Machine drum is not a bad programme, it just lacks the additional features one would expect from such a simulator. Hardcore music enthusiasts seeking a good drum replacement best look elsewhere.

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Drum machine. Use this game for record and playing online drum sound. A virtual online workshop for drummers and drum editor. Drum machine. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers and drum editor.


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