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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Urrrgh, I cannot stand these usless add-ons. MSN Messenger, G-chat,
Skype and the like are busy enough without having millions of add-on
application to slow down your chats. vEmotion allows you to share your
music with your friends as you chat. In theory this sounds friendly
enough, but in practice it slowed my DSL connection down to a crawl.
Plus, there is a constant reminder that, "vEmtion is Spyware/adware
free". Words like that like always give me the shivers. That is a sure
sign that it WILL install adware. Give vEmotion a miss and save
yourself the hassle of a spyware scan.

vEmotion - Info

Share music and fun while talking over IMs.

vEmotion is an IM add-on, with which one can set background music for IM calls and send voice emotions/sound effects to partners.

It catchs the whole lot in an action that supported IMs include Skype, Msn, Gtalk, QQ, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. You can tune up all those big IMs with only one installation of vEmotion


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Operating System(s): windows2000/2003/XP

Size Estimate: 1.14 Mb

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