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Welcome to WritersFocus. This small piece of software was written to create a world on your Notebook just for writing, without interruption. Without Distraction. WritersFocus blocks all Alerts from other software and instant messages. There is no fancy interface with umpteen icons in your face. Just a blank screen with only the words you are writing. Just sit down and write. No fancy interface. No popups, No interruptions.The perfect moment for a writer. You sit down at your computer and just start writting. Your words flow easily out through the keyboard onto your screen. Your mind is focused. You're in the zone. You're only thinking about what you're writing.

* Diary / Journal
* Quickly Change Your document
* Research Sidebar
* Customize Your Screen
* Save Settings Profiles
* Character/Word/Paragraph and Page Counts
* Record Time Spent Writing
* Block Pop-Ups and Other Softare
* Switch monitors


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Size Estimate: 1.06MB

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