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Ejector is a very simple little application for Mac users, that allows for the ejecting of peripheral devices so that they can be safely disconnected from the machine. Ejector adds an "eject" icon to the menu bar, and selecting it ejects the connected IPod, USB device, CD, DVD, Hard Disk or any other peripheral device from the machine. That’s about the sum total of Ejector. It’s not revolutionary, and users can certainly get along well enough without it, but it is a rather useful utility none the less, and Mac users who make frequent use of the peripheral ports on their machine’s should definitely give it a try.

Ejector - Info

Ejector adds an Eject icon to the Mac OS X menu bar.

From it you can eject any disks, e.g. an iPod, a CD, a DVD, an USB Key and even a .dmg or a hard disk (including external one).
You can then safely disconnect them from your mac.


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Operating System(s): Mac OS 10.2+

Size Estimate: 112 KB

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