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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Apple's versatile MP3 player is already equipped with support for music, image and movie files, and now PodWriter brings text file support to the IPod. This small utility features a very basic interface and allows users to store text notes as contacts on an IPod. Having a portable, digital notebook sounds good in theory, but considering that the 3rd and 4th generation IPods come with a notes folder that can read text files already, it's difficult to see why anyone would really want to use PodWriter at all. Add to this the fact that most people already carry around cell phones or PDAs capable of storing and transferring text files, and PodWriter begins to seem obsolete. Overall, as a utility, PodWriter offers decent performance and does a good job. It’s just a pity that that job is completely unnecessary.

PodWriter - Info

PodWriter is a simple cocoa app used for creating notes viewable on your iPod.

Just open the app, enter a title, and the body of the note. Save it, and ! (bam).. Copy the note to the Contacts folder on your iPod, and now you have a note on your iPod (assuming you have updated your iPod firmware to 1.1).

PodWriter is a (now) 100% pure Cocoa (objective-c) application (was Java) that allows you to write notes for your iPod.


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Operating System(s): Mac OSX

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