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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1

Anyone in need of a calculator for working out complicated mathematical expressions on their PC will certainly agree that the standard Windows version is severely limited, and a more comprehensive replacement is required. There are many such freeware applications available, of which Addup is one, but unfortunately it’s not one of the better offerings in the genre. While Addup does offer most of the advanced mathematical functions and boasts some nice extra features, the interface is just a little too clumsy to allow for fast, streamlined use, which is essential for any calculator, since nobody wants to spend precious time navigating difficult menus when trying to concentrate on complicated calculations. Furthermore, unless you register Addup on the publisher’s website, you will be sent a popup message after every calculation, which is a highly annoying feature in itself. These complaints aside, the actual functionality of the utility is impressive, and long detailed mathematical expressions can be calculated and then exported in text file format to be saved, sent or printed. At its core, Addup is a very powerful calculator application but it is unfortunately let down by some poor design.

Review by FileBEAST's blunt

Addup is a great tool for scholars or students who have more complex mathematical statements to work out on a calculator.

Although a very simple GUI, this calculator does the job very well. With useful features such as saving the answer to a text file and displaying the full expression (instead of the numbers dissapearing once an operator is selected) makes Addup worth a download.

Addup - Info

AddUp is a free calculator able to process non-trivial arithmetic expressions such as: -(((1 + 2) * 3)4)% + 56e-7 / 8

Unlike regular desk calculators where the numbers and operators you provide disappear when you enter the next one, AddUp retains all this information for review in an editable work area. Expressions can be edited and re-calculated if necessary. Results can be saved to a text file.


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