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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

Do you have a hard time remembering birthdays? What about your great uncles last name? Thanks to Kinfok, all these worries can be cast aside as you merrily input all this important information into its databanks. Kinfok offers a simple way to store this information. All birthdays, relatives names and other miscellaneous family information can be stored in its databanks. Kinfok is handier then you think.

Kinfok - Info

A Birthday Reminder/Genealogy, Desktop utility for Family and Kinfolk. If you can't keep track of all your relatives names much less remember their birthdays? Kinfok's simple entry system and easy navigation will make it a snap. This program includes a built-in Help Me file viewed by clicking the icon.

I give simple instructions for entering data and using the program as well as an Uninstaller. It resides on your Desktop where a quick doubleclick will let you check the days birthdays. Navigate the program with your mouse by selecting a person followed by the desired function and proceed from there.


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Operating System(s): Windows 95/98/ME/XP

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