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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

ActiveSky Media Player allows you to watch Crystal-clear (truly) videos on your Palm device. The Video and sound playback remains relatively in sync. Also, the file size for each converted video is so tiny it is sometimes hard to believe, oh and you will need to convert the video files yourself before copying them to your Palm (a separate application is needed) Before downloading ActiveSky Media Player make sure your version is compatible as only one of my older Palm devices could use this tool.

ActiveSky Media Player - Info

With Active Sky Media Player you can view SKY files on your Palm-size PC.

ActiveSky Media Player can play, pause, stop, zoom and show the next frame during playback mode.

You can customize your options to set speed, autoplay and continuous play, mute and status bar.


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Operating System(s): PDA

Size Estimate: 1.3 MB

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