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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Real Player used to be cool. Now it languishes in a dead zone of once useful tools. Maybe I'm being rough on Real Player but it is absolutely loaded with advertising (not adware It promises). Plus it seems so very complex for such simple task. Real media files used to be only playable with Real Player but now almost any media player can run these errant files. This is redundancy at its highest level. Save some time and effort by downloading a real media plug-in instead.

Real Player - Info

RealPlayer is perfect for downloading and playing audio and video clips. It is great for managing and organising your music and videos. Real player also includes the option to copy music to cds as well as portable devices.

Just a few of its features are:
-Drag and drop support for media files to portable device or CDs
-Ability to export to 50 devices, including iPOD, Creative Labs, Nokia, SonicBlue Rio, Sony, Panasonic, and PalmOne
-30% faster CD burning than RealOne Player
-Ability to burn CDs in Redbook Audio, MP3, and Mixed Mode Over all

RealPlayer is a great program and worth the download.


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