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Nobody likes paperwork, and lugging around a heavy diary on a daily basis can be very cumbersome indeed. That’s where the value of a freeware application like IDailyDiary becomes evident, as the utility allows you to keep a detailed personal journal on your PC. Whether you require a diary to organize events or to simply note down thoughts and memos throughout the day, IDailyDiary comes to the rescue. The utility features a page-a-day diary interface for user entries and also displays a monthly view at the bottom of the screen. Making entries is very easy, and the scope for large, detailed entries is very impressive, not to mention the password protection that ensures all your sensitive information remains private. IDialyDiary allows for a degree of user defined customization, as tabs can be added and renamed, and also includes support for various image file formats as well as hyperlinks. Simple yet highly effective, IDialyDiary is no doubt the ideal digital replacement for your paper-diary.

iDailyDiary - Info

iDailyDiary has a very simple interface which makes it extremely easy to take notes, create your journal or just right down thoughts as they come into your head.

iDailyDiary's editor lets you insert hyperlinks, images and photos into your days notes.

There is a search option to which allows you to track down imporant dates and reminders.

Some of its features are:

-Data files encrypted and password protected
-Richtext Editor
-Fully Searchable
-Insert Pictures, URL's and Hypertext
-Multiple "pages" for each day
-Export to HTML format to create web pages


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