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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

SuperEdi – Unicode Text Editor is a welcome addition to the text editing genre, and is a very solid freeware application aimed specifically at the web development portion of the market. The application allows for detailed file editing, either locally or on a remote server using the built-in FTP client. SuperEdi – Unicode Text Editor also includes syntax coloring for multiple languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, and you can add extensions as well as make use of the handy tab system to switch seamlessly between documents. With multiple coding and support for all major foreign languages, SuperEdi – Unicode Text Editor really is a powerful, versatile text editing utility. Of course, such an application is not very friendly towards beginners, and first time web designers are advised to start out with something a little easier to manage. Overall, the utility offers a near perfect blend of performance and functionality, and will make a nice addition to any experienced web designer’s software repertoire.

SuperEdi - Unicode Text Editor - Info

SuperEdi is a text editor with syntax coloring and build-in FTP client.

The built-in directory tree helps you locate files quickly without opening the Windows Explorer.

Context sensitive information is available via keyword lookup in any Windows help file.

The editor is extendable using executable programs, text clips and automation scripts. SuperEdi supports Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16 as well as many locale- specific encodings.


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