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As usual, Microsoft are constantly releases free updates for its operating systems, ensuring that bugs and security issues are addressed. Windows 2000 SP4 is a service pack for the Windows 2000 operating system and offers several vital updates and bug fixes. The improvements mainly occur in the field of security, but extra effort has been taken to improve the overall stability and compatibility of the operating system as well. If you haven’t installed any of the pervious Windows 2000 service packs, then don’t worry, because all of the past updates are included in Windows 2000 SP4 (Complete), alongside the new improvements. Unfortunately, the download is rather hefty at 129MB, but keeping your operating system up-to-date should be a top priority, in which case this application in essential.

Windows 2000 SP 4 (Complete) - Info

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) provides the latest updates to the Windows 2000 operating systems. These updates are a collection of fixes in the following areas: security, application compatibility, operating system reliability, and setup. Windows 2000 SP4 is a recommended update that includes the updates contained in previous Windows 2000 service packs.


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