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Review by FileBEAST's Dunny One:

Many features that larger and more expensive organizers such as Outlook are contained here, inside Web Chrono Desktop. Besides a simple calendar and a to-do list, Web Chrono Desktop even has a download manager plus a gadget that automatically keeps your software updated. I found that to be the most useful part of Web Chrono Desktop as I have 100’s of files that need constant updating. On that function alone I highly recommend Web Chrono Desktop.

Web Chrono Desktop - Info

* Calendar Assistant
This assistant provides a real calendar to allow the user to manage its schedule.

* Clipboard Assistant
This assistant is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. If you do a lot of cut & paste operations, it will save you time. It is compatible with almost any clipboard formats and can be used with a lot of programs just by dragging and dropping the data.

* File Grabber Assistant
This assistant provides a new way to download large list of files on web pages. It is very useful for people downloading a lot of files like pictures, mp3, movies, etc on websites. It avoids the long process of downloading each file individually one by one.

* Program Launcher Assistant
This assistant starts programs automatically.

* Reminder Assistant
This assistant reminds users of important events or appointments. It can handle many reminders on different time frames.

* To Do List Assistant
This assistant allows users to write many to do lists in seconds. Now, any user can write with more flexibility than on paper.

* Unit Converter Assistant
This assistant allows users to convert from one unit system to another. It supports the most common units like: Angle, Area, Computer, Distance, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume and Weight.

* Web Update Assistant
This assistant browses the Internet for updates specified by the user. Almost any websites and any files ( web pages, pictures, etc ) can be checked for changes. Websites are checked whenever the user wants. The user is notified only if a change is detected.


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